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Dog photographer Labrador Retriever

We all try our best to surprise our clients with the best service we can deliver and constantly develop and search for new ways to stand out of a competition crowd. Running a successful dogwalking business in London is no exception.

Are you a dog walker in London?

Surprise your loyal clients with fine art dog portrait!

Imagine how the word is spreading with the news form one client to another describing your exceptional gift!

Dog photographer UK

How does it work?

Surprise your loyal clients with fine art dog portrait! Or organize a contest to generate a Twitter/Facebook or local gossip traffic with this session as a prize! You choose a location and time. We meet for approximately 2h, I take around 20 pictures, you choose one, I send it to be printed. It takes up to two weeks to deliver the canvas so it is up to you to keep the session in secret!

  • London area only;
  • One dog per session;
  • 18″/12″ canvas worth £100 INCLUDED! with your logo and text!

dog portrait canvas (65 of 130)


Any questions? Send an email.

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