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Season 2016 starting with summer lasting dog photography walks at London parks!




What we do?

We have fun, basically! Imagine nice morning walk with dogs, cameras and other dog lovers! And you learn some photography! What is the plan?

First things first, we spend some time to get our dogs familiar with each other, have some fun and joy. Then we sit with a coffee and start a short introduction about the theory of photography:

  • composition;
  • relationship between 1st, 2nd and 3rd plan;
  • difference between focal lengths and how to use it to your advantage;
  • light control and light metering in your camera;
  • what ISO and shutter speed is and how it changes/depends of different light condition;

Then we`ll go for some theory of dogs behaviour and tricks how to get their attention.

And after all talking we go to take some pictures finally and I explain everything by showing individually with you. When you manage all basics, we start to do proper dog photography 🙂

I think it covers everything what is “dog photography workshop”


We meet at Primrose Hill in London, every Saturday 9am. Maximum 5 tickets per day, £20 per person and dog, book here.

primrose hill


2nd of May – 4 tickets available

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