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These are questions that I am often asked. I hope that after this short reading a few things about dog photography will become clear.

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Can I buy the original RAW files from my session?

Just as traditional photographers do not sell their analogue negatives so Black Lab Pictures do not provide original RAW files. Jpg 300dpi for individual customers. These files are available for commercial orders, such as a session or advertising campaigns. Of course, for individual orders I deliver a DVD where you get the files jpg sufficient quality for printing 8″x12″ in size.

Is there a chance to be photographed with my dog ?

Of course, after all that’s what it’s all about. Number of people to photograph with our hero does not matter. The only reason why you can not see these photos in the gallery is the issue of the privacy of our customers. I have a personal, written consent to the publication of the image of our dogs in the form of a dog paw print of the form ordering 😉

Why the cost of additional photoprinting is much higher than in my lab?

There are two reasons. The first is related to the fact that you get the exact profile pictures files and professionally coordinated lab. The colours are the same as those you see with us for a presentation and the price includes not only the print, but also the hours spent by me in the digital darkroom. This is much more than just cutting, trimming or changing the resolution, the correction glare in pets eyes, the people in the background etc. For me, pressing the shutter is the beginning of art of the lengthy process of receiving pictures of creation as a whole. It’s a long process, and in order to fully satisfy mine clients – it requires creativity, professional perspective and time.

The second reason is a very high quality photo paper, ensuring colour stability for decades. Our pictures are printed in a professional lab focused on the individual orders.

What do my dog photo shoot session look like?

Each dog photo shoot is a lot of fun and joy. First of all, being a dog photographer I try to establish a friendly and welcoming connection with our hero. I prefer outdoor photo shoots because I have the impression that the dogs in the studio feel much worse. In a quiet environment or at their home dogs feel natural, comfortably and probably just as well as dog photographer who writes the text.

In addition to the photographic equipment, we carry a whole set of yummies in our bag: toys, treats and other useful accessories.

A standard photo shoot lasts about 2-3 hours. At the very beginning I try to get to know the dog by unrestrained fun, giving him a few commands and reward him with specialities. It’s all to appreciate our willingness to work and stopped to pay attention to the lens pointing at your site. Lots of dogs, like humans, feel concern about the shooting, fun and frolics at the beginning of the session effectively unload the stress and reluctance to pose.

Locations of photo shoots

We choose a location for the Mini Photo Shoot (as well as for the session from competition which awards and promotions), the exact location depends on the season, time of day, race and the nature of shooting dog, we have a few favourites and very photogenic locations.

Small yorkie is hard to see in the high grass, overgrown clearings and vice versa collie looks the best in such circumstances. Photography of the cat has its own laws: I always photograph kittens in their homes.

For the Solo, Unlimited and Family Photo Shoots the choice of location is yours. This may be the nearest park, meadow, lake or river, scenic tunnels or old industrial buildings. Just a place where your dog feels most natural, where you go for a walk with him.

I assume that the natural light, delicately modeled with the blend is the best base of the photo. If we do the open air session there are usually quite a bit of light. There is no such a case in shooting the dogs inside the house. Here you please give us the possibility of raising the blind spot, unveiling windows or even prepare a small refurbishment, which will reveal the windows and pour more light into the house: taking off blinds/curtains for instance. Even though your photos are subject to advanced digital processing, much better results are obtained by “editing” setting before pressing the shutter.

The best time to shoot outdoor is either early morning or late afternoon. Of course, if the day is cloudy the conditions are quite different, the light is softer and you can shoot all day long, provided of course that the session is not during the raining time. We ask you to take into account this important factors when we agreed on the session’s terms.

But my dog ​​bites, barks and runs away!

It does not matter. Really. During the session, we are trying to capture the “spirit” of the dog, through the lens. I also have my 6years old lack lab Mishka so I know a few tricks to attract her attention. Anyway, the session will be outdoor so if your dog runs around in the bushes, it is even better! All the best shoots are taken in that way. Besides – a real photographer can do everything for a good picture. Please keep in mind: if your dog is a shy or overreacting I will not try to interfere with him at the beginning of the photo shoot. It may look awkward from your point of view but the less he pays attention to me the better.

How to order a session?

Each month, we do photo shoots for up to 4 dogs, the term has no particular meaning. It can be weekday or weekend. If I do not have a reserved date, the choice is yours. Available dates will be given by mail, please write.

Finally, please note: Sometimes we have to move sessions to another date due to the weather conditions!




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